Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Improve School Safety with CCTV

Improve School Safety with CCTV
School safety is a hot topic, in particular with the day and age we live in. We want to make sure our schools are secure for our children. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top five ways on how to improve school safety with CCTV and security camera systems.
1. Place cameras outside of campus viewing the perimeter
Another way to keep the children safe is by installing CCTV and security camera systems outside the school campus pointed at the perimeter of the school. This way you can catch a terrorist group or disgruntled student before they even get a chance to enter the school. You can see them coming via the IP security camera and meet them at the door to inquire why they are making a visit to the school.
2. Install cameras that have the option of video recording
One of the most critical aspects of choosing CCTV and security camera systems is the ability for the security camera to record video. It is much easier to identify and capture a suspect if you have live video than if you only have a still picture. With video footage from the security camera, you will be able to call the local authorities and show them the video feed when they arrive. This video will be evidence that can be used once the criminal or vandal is captured as irrefutable proof of the crime they committed. It will also keep other students in check in case they were going to attempt vandalism as well. They will rethink their decision as they do not want to get caught on tape.
3. Install security cameras in weak/vulnerable school areas
Sensitive areas of the school campus can include a hallway off the main hall that has an outside door. It would be very easy for a criminal to slip through the exit when no one is watching. They can then hide in an unused area until they are ready to pounce on a child or children. A security camera placed at this out of the way exit would be an excellent way to monitor this area. Other areas that are weak often include gym doors, library doors, and shop room doors as these areas do not always have classes in session at all times of the day.
4. Have a camera on the parking lot and main entrance to the building
One of the most crucial places to install a security camera and CCTV is the main entrances to the school. While your school may have security personnel at the entrances, visitors that intend to do harm can still slip through. In the event terrorism occurs in the school, staff can review the security footage while the school goes on lockdown. They can get the students to safe areas while the shooter is located as they will have his/her picture and subsequent identification on the security camera footage.

As you can see, securing a school is a demanding task. It can be done and done quite well with the help of CCTV and security camera systems. By following our advice on the top five ways on how to improve school safety with CCTV and security cameras, your students will be safer, and you will have peace of mind knowing your school is completely secured from horrible acts of terror.

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