Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Improve School Safety with CCTV

Improve School Safety with CCTV
School safety is a hot topic, in particular with the day and age we live in. We want to make sure our schools are secure for our children. In this short guide, you will be informed of the top five ways on how to improve school safety with CCTV and security camera systems.
1. Place cameras outside of campus viewing the perimeter
Another way to keep the children safe is by installing CCTV and security camera systems outside the school campus pointed at the perimeter of the school. This way you can catch a terrorist group or disgruntled student before they even get a chance to enter the school. You can see them coming via the IP security camera and meet them at the door to inquire why they are making a visit to the school.
2. Install cameras that have the option of video recording
One of the most critical aspects of choosing CCTV and security camera systems is the ability for the security camera to record video. It is much easier to identify and capture a suspect if you have live video than if you only have a still picture. With video footage from the security camera, you will be able to call the local authorities and show them the video feed when they arrive. This video will be evidence that can be used once the criminal or vandal is captured as irrefutable proof of the crime they committed. It will also keep other students in check in case they were going to attempt vandalism as well. They will rethink their decision as they do not want to get caught on tape.
3. Install security cameras in weak/vulnerable school areas
Sensitive areas of the school campus can include a hallway off the main hall that has an outside door. It would be very easy for a criminal to slip through the exit when no one is watching. They can then hide in an unused area until they are ready to pounce on a child or children. A security camera placed at this out of the way exit would be an excellent way to monitor this area. Other areas that are weak often include gym doors, library doors, and shop room doors as these areas do not always have classes in session at all times of the day.
4. Have a camera on the parking lot and main entrance to the building
One of the most crucial places to install a security camera and CCTV is the main entrances to the school. While your school may have security personnel at the entrances, visitors that intend to do harm can still slip through. In the event terrorism occurs in the school, staff can review the security footage while the school goes on lockdown. They can get the students to safe areas while the shooter is located as they will have his/her picture and subsequent identification on the security camera footage.

As you can see, securing a school is a demanding task. It can be done and done quite well with the help of CCTV and security camera systems. By following our advice on the top five ways on how to improve school safety with CCTV and security cameras, your students will be safer, and you will have peace of mind knowing your school is completely secured from horrible acts of terror.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

4 Tips to Prevent Theft in Your Company

4 Tips to Prevent Theft in Your Company

How does one stop theft in business? It is harder to stop than one would think. But it is an issue that occurs time and time again. No business owner wants to be stolen from, especially after you have worked so hard to get where you are. This short guide will explain the top four ways to stop theft in your company.
1. Review accounts often
It is of the utmost importance to keep a close watch on the accounts receivable and payable as well as the petty cash funds and reimbursement receipts that employees are trying to submit. Any employee who has access to the books can be tempted and capable of stealing money. Employees may also try to submit a receipt for reimbursement in which they were not the user of the goods, or it is an item that is not approved for the repayment. Lastly, bookkeepers and accountants are good at what they do. If they were tempted to commit a crime, they could easily make up a fiction vendor who is paid monthly. In actuality, the bookkeeper is paying themselves from your funds, and this is not acceptable. Most times a security camera or other type of monitoring on the accountant or bookkeeper, when they are doing your finances, will keep them from partaking in your hard earned revenue.
2. Install security cameras
One of the largest ways to stop theft in your company is by installing security camera systems. A security camera mounted in the office, warehouse, and break room is an excellent idea to deter disgruntled employees from taking anything from the business. An employee will think twice about taking something that doesn't belong to them when security camera systems are watching their every move. A security camera is also beneficial outside if a criminal happens upon your business and tries to break-in. You will have their profile on film to give to authorities to help capture the burglar.
3. Monitor dwindling supplies of office materials
Not all employees are so brazen to steal cash from the company. But there are other items that employees are likely to take. Warehouse workers and office personnel are tempted and capable of taking items such as envelopes, stamps, paper, ink, tape, staples, and other office goods without the supervisor or owners knowledge. This seems like such a minor amount of money, but added up over the year, it contributes to the financial loss of the company.
4. Monitor unproductive time
Most all employees have some responsibilities on a computer. Whether they are ordering supplies, using email, or some other computer assigned task, they need to use the internet. With this comes a whole host of problems if you do not lock down certain sites and make a public policy regarding unproductive time. When an employee is checking their email or browsing on the internet, this is known as unproductive time. The employee is wasting time, so to speak, when they could be completing other needed tasks. This is a form of theft as your business is not functioning as well as it could be due to unproductive time.
As you can see, theft can be in many forms including supplies, money, and time. Make sure you are not a victim of theft in your company. If you follow our advice on the top four ways to stop theft in your company and invest in security camera systems for both inside and outside the building, you will see your yearly finances grow without any losses to report!
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Tips to Prevent Theft in Your Company

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

4 Advantages of Restaurant and Bar Security Cameras

4 Advantages of Restaurant and Bar Security Cameras

If you are the business owner of a restaurant, you know how busy it can get. With all the people that come through your doors, there will be an incident or two that occur. If would be great to get the incident on camera, especially if a patron was hurt, you were robbed, or an employee was abused. One way to avoid and even prevent incidents from occurring in your establishment is to install security cameras. This short guide will inform you of the top four advantages of restaurant and bar security cameras.

1. Avoid Dine & Dash
One of the most common crimes to occur in a restaurant and bar setting is the act of the dine and dash. People will come in and order food, eat it, and then dash out without paying the bill, leaving you holding the bag and your waitress without a tip. When security camera systems are installed, individuals are less likely to perform the dine and dash because they do not want to be caught on film committing a crime. Security cameras prevent this incidence from occurring, and it would benefit you to install cameras to prevent this act.

2. Prevent Employee Theft
Most employees are great workers and are an asset to your company. There are a few bad seeds out there, and they would be willing to jeopardize their job to steal from you. You can prevent this from occurring by installing security camera systems within areas that employees work, such as the break room, the storeroom, near the cash register, and in the kitchen. This way supplies, money, and other goods are not missing from your business. If they are, you can then roll back the video feed to see who took them and make the proper arrangements to eliminate this person from your company.

3. Limit Liability
Owning a business is stressful. You cannot control such things as the weather or if a patron of your place of establishment were to fall. It is important to limit your liability for these random acts. One way to limit your liability and get a reduction in the amount of insurance you pay is to install security cameras. Not only do you want to have security cameras in place to catch the occasional bar fight, but you also want cameras in place to limit your liability from a fall due to ice, a disagreement with an employee, rain or snow damage, or any other weather related issue.

4. Prevent Violence
Most bars have a bouncer who watches over the area to verify no fights or other disputes are occurring. Occasionally, there may be one or more incidents that happen at the same time, and the bouncer cannot be in both areas of the bar. If a brawl became violent, there might be unhappy customers that are looking at litigation involving your place of business.

To keep yourself safe, it is critical to have security camera systems set up to record all fights, brawls, or other disputes that occur at your business. This video will prove who was at fault and can frequently get you off the hook.

As you can see, owning a business, especially a bar or a restaurant, can be demanding. One way to become proactive and prevent incidents from occurring is to have security camera systems installed. By following our advice on the four advantages of restaurant and bar security cameras, you will be less stressed, more relaxed, and have a wealth of video proof if you should ever need it!

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Friday, March 17, 2017

What to do After a Break-in

What to do After a Break-in

If you have ever been the victim of a burglary, you know how frightening and disturbing the break-in can be. Most people are in some form of shock, and it is difficult for them to know what to do after a burglary occurs. This short guide will inform you of the top five things to do after a break-in occurs.

1. Call the Authorities
The most crucial task to perform immediately after a break-in is to call the police. The authorities need to come to your place of residence and document the evidence to help catch the burglar. Make sure you do not touch anything until after the police have been there and given you the all clear. You do not want to tamper with evidence that could potentially cause the cops to miss capturing the suspect.

2. Take pictures, video, & write down everything you can remember
One of the most urgent steps you can take after a break-in is to immediately grab a camera and take pictures of the damage that was done to your property. You can also shoot a video on your phone or mobile device to show different angles of the room and what was taken. Make sure to leave everything as it is until the police have filed their report. Lastly, write down everything that you can think of pertaining to the intruder before you forget it. How tall was he or she? What type of build? Did he have facial hair? Did he or she have any scars or tattoos? What time of the day did it occur? This information is vital to the police to be able to do their job and catch the burglar.

3. Call your insurance company
The next most important thing to do after a burglary is to call your insurance company. You need to call them and file a claim immediately so they can get you the needed money to repair a broken door, broken window, or other means of entrance by the burglar or burglars. Make sure you have your policy number ready as well as any other pertinent information they may need. If you have security camera systems in place at your residence, the insurance company may want a copy of the video from the security cameras to ascertain the damage and come up with a total amount of claim to be paid out to you.

4. Install a security system
It is vital that you install security camera systems throughout your home, including your outside perimeter. Security cameras can protect you by alerting the police that an intruder has entered the premises. Different models have different features, but most all of them can contact the police for you if needed.

5. Upgrade the security of your home
In addition to installing security camera systems throughout the house as well as security cameras outside around your perimeter, make sure to take other precautions and upgrade the security of your home.  Precautions you can take include installing a fence, adopting a large breed dog, and changing your main entrance door locks. One last task you can accomplish is to install motion lights outside your home that are tripped anytime a person or animal moves. These security precautions will keep you safe long into the future.
As you can see, being the victim of a burglary is a frightening and anxiety-ridden experience. Make sure are prepared by having a list of items to do if you have to experience this tragic affair. If you follow our advice on the top five things to do after a break-in occurs, you will be able to catch the criminal who performed the burglary and keep yourself and your family safe from future break-ins.

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