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What to do After a Break-in

What to do After a Break-in

If you have ever been the victim of a burglary, you know how frightening and disturbing the break-in can be. Most people are in some form of shock, and it is difficult for them to know what to do after a burglary occurs. This short guide will inform you of the top five things to do after a break-in occurs.

1. Call the Authorities
The most crucial task to perform immediately after a break-in is to call the police. The authorities need to come to your place of residence and document the evidence to help catch the burglar. Make sure you do not touch anything until after the police have been there and given you the all clear. You do not want to tamper with evidence that could potentially cause the cops to miss capturing the suspect.

2. Take pictures, video, & write down everything you can remember
One of the most urgent steps you can take after a break-in is to immediately grab a camera and take pictures of the damage that was done to your property. You can also shoot a video on your phone or mobile device to show different angles of the room and what was taken. Make sure to leave everything as it is until the police have filed their report. Lastly, write down everything that you can think of pertaining to the intruder before you forget it. How tall was he or she? What type of build? Did he have facial hair? Did he or she have any scars or tattoos? What time of the day did it occur? This information is vital to the police to be able to do their job and catch the burglar.

3. Call your insurance company
The next most important thing to do after a burglary is to call your insurance company. You need to call them and file a claim immediately so they can get you the needed money to repair a broken door, broken window, or other means of entrance by the burglar or burglars. Make sure you have your policy number ready as well as any other pertinent information they may need. If you have security camera systems in place at your residence, the insurance company may want a copy of the video from the security cameras to ascertain the damage and come up with a total amount of claim to be paid out to you.

4. Install a security system
It is vital that you install security camera systems throughout your home, including your outside perimeter. Security cameras can protect you by alerting the police that an intruder has entered the premises. Different models have different features, but most all of them can contact the police for you if needed.

5. Upgrade the security of your home
In addition to installing security camera systems throughout the house as well as security cameras outside around your perimeter, make sure to take other precautions and upgrade the security of your home.  Precautions you can take include installing a fence, adopting a large breed dog, and changing your main entrance door locks. One last task you can accomplish is to install motion lights outside your home that are tripped anytime a person or animal moves. These security precautions will keep you safe long into the future.
As you can see, being the victim of a burglary is a frightening and anxiety-ridden experience. Make sure are prepared by having a list of items to do if you have to experience this tragic affair. If you follow our advice on the top five things to do after a break-in occurs, you will be able to catch the criminal who performed the burglary and keep yourself and your family safe from future break-ins.

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