Friday, January 13, 2017

6 Tips for Staying Safe when you Live Alone

6 Tips for Staying Safe when you Live Alone
Did you hear that? Was that noise from inside or outside your home? It can be frightening at times when you live alone and have no one else to turn to when you hear a crash or a thud. There are definite ways to stay safe if you live alone and you can protect yourself very easily. This short guide will inform you of the top six tips for staying safe when you live alone.
1. Install indoor security cameras
One of the easiest ways to keep yourself safe in your home is to have security cameras installed inside of your home. Security camera systems are great as they can call the police if someone breaks into your home. They also have a video feed that will capture the intruder's profile and face on film to be reviewed later by the authorities. There are many options to choose from as well. All rooms of your home can be wired, and you will have peace of mind knowing your safe when you are in the shower or sleeping.
2. Own a dog that can protect you
One of the greatest joys is that of a pet. Not only would you gain companionship from your four-legged friend, but they would give you the protection you need when a burglar tries to get in. A dog can hear noises you cannot hear, and their sense of smell is far greater than humans. A dog would alert you to any rumblings outside your property. They would protect you by both barking and attacking if an intruder did break in.
3. Live in a gated community or have a gate camera
If you are lucky enough to live in a neighborhood with a gate, this will keep you safe as no one who does not live in your area can get access to the community. If you do not live in a gated community, you can still use technology to your advantage. You can install a gate camera which is like a security camera so you can see who is trying to come onto your property. These security camera systems can be more expensive than others, but really, what is the price for your own safety?
4. Lock all doors and windows
One of the simplest ways to keep yourself safe when living alone is to verify that all your doors and windows are locked. You would think this is a no-brainer, but surprisingly, many people do not lock their doors or are unaware a door is unlocked. The same goes for windows. Criminals look for cracked windows, and they check doors to see if they are unlocked. Get in the habit of checking all doors and windows before bed every night!
5. Install perimeter security cameras
Another intelligent way to stay safe when living alone is to install security cameras around the perimeter outside your home. If you have a fence, you can put cameras up to catch any intruders trespassing onto your property. This also acts as a deterrent to a criminal as they do not want to try and break into a home with security camera systems. Once they see the cameras, they will leave your property and hit a home without cameras.
6. Install outdoor lighting
A smart way to keep criminals out is by installing outdoor lighting that stays on all night long. A brightly lit area is not someplace a burglar wants to be, and they will overlook your home to hit your neighbor who does not have any outdoor lighting.

As you can see, living alone does not have to be frightening or make you anxiety-prone. You can keep yourself safe by applying the tips mentioned above. If you follow our advice on the top six tips for staying safe when you live alone, you will be happy and content with absolutely no worry of an intruder coming into your home.


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  3. Hey nice post,
    I would just like to add that one must be careful in selecting the security cameras for monitoring. Some cameras just don't give you a proper viewing angle. Always select HD cameras so that you can get a clear view of what's going on.
    Also just don't make it obvious that you are alone. That might keep you in danger of a break in.


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