Wednesday, March 8, 2017

5 Apps You Must Have in Case of an Emergency

5 Apps You Must Have in Case of an Emergency

Smartphones, like security cameras, have taken over the world. Everyone seems to be on their phone or mobile device everywhere you look. If you think smartphones are becoming an issue as people are less social, that may be. But smartphones, just like security camera systems, have increased the safety of individuals in remarkable ways. This short article will inform you of the top five apps you must have in case of an emergency.

1. Be Safe
If you happen to find yourself being followed as you walk down a dark alleyway or if you are a runner that has someone matching your pace slightly behind you, BSafe may be the app for you. Although it is not security camera systems, it does act as a safety provision by alerting the contacts you have pre-selected and provides them with your GPS location. It will send an SOS message after you tap the emergency button on your phone.

2. ICE
ICE stands for In Case of Emergency and it is a very handy app to have in an emergency. If you have been hurt and become unconscious, the paramedic or nurse that is assisting you can find out pertinent information that is important in their care for you. It lists your allergies, medications you currently take, and medical history. In addition, it has your emergency contact, so hospital personnel or the authorities can call your loved ones. If you are at home when you become unconscious and have a security camera in place, medical staff or the police can watch the footage to see what you may have been doing when you collapsed to help determine the cause of your injuries.

3. First Aid
First Aid is a great app to have in case of an emergency. If you are a hiker or are in a remote location and have an accident occur, you will want to have the First Aid app. The app contains information regarding first aid that you need when injured. The best part about the First Aid app is that it downloads to your SD card so you can have access to it even without being connected. This is especially important for individuals who are in remote locations or are on a section or thru-hike.

4. Google Maps
Google Maps is a great app to have in an emergency because it can give you the shortest route to the hospital if you or a loved one are injured while visiting a new location. It can also be a lifesaver if you are being followed and need to get away from your potential attacker. It can give you the nearest businesses and the time in minutes to get there to get away from the creep who may be following you. If you are lost, Google Maps is also to the rescue. Just put in a known location, and it will get you there in the shortest amount of time possible.

5. Disaster Readiness
The disaster preparedness app from the American Red Cross is another great app to have in an emergency. It can give you pertinent information on what to do if inclement weather or a natural disaster strikes. If you live in a region that has tornadoes, hurricanes, or earthquakes, make sure to download this app. If you are at home while experiencing a natural disaster, make sure to have a security camera installed in your home if you live alone or have family members that are frequently gone. Most security camera systems have a way to notify the police if you have been injured once the natural disaster has ceased.

As you can see, although smartphones may be taking away our ability to enjoy the moment as we always need to be taking a selfie or a video, they have increased our safety be creating apps that can assist us when we need help. If you follow our advice on the top five apps you must have in case of an emergency, you and your family members will be safe alone and in the most remote areas as long as they have a signal.

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