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4 Advantages of Restaurant and Bar Security Cameras

4 Advantages of Restaurant and Bar Security Cameras

If you are the business owner of a restaurant, you know how busy it can get. With all the people that come through your doors, there will be an incident or two that occur. If would be great to get the incident on camera, especially if a patron was hurt, you were robbed, or an employee was abused. One way to avoid and even prevent incidents from occurring in your establishment is to install security cameras. This short guide will inform you of the top four advantages of restaurant and bar security cameras.

1. Avoid Dine & Dash
One of the most common crimes to occur in a restaurant and bar setting is the act of the dine and dash. People will come in and order food, eat it, and then dash out without paying the bill, leaving you holding the bag and your waitress without a tip. When security camera systems are installed, individuals are less likely to perform the dine and dash because they do not want to be caught on film committing a crime. Security cameras prevent this incidence from occurring, and it would benefit you to install cameras to prevent this act.

2. Prevent Employee Theft
Most employees are great workers and are an asset to your company. There are a few bad seeds out there, and they would be willing to jeopardize their job to steal from you. You can prevent this from occurring by installing security camera systems within areas that employees work, such as the break room, the storeroom, near the cash register, and in the kitchen. This way supplies, money, and other goods are not missing from your business. If they are, you can then roll back the video feed to see who took them and make the proper arrangements to eliminate this person from your company.

3. Limit Liability
Owning a business is stressful. You cannot control such things as the weather or if a patron of your place of establishment were to fall. It is important to limit your liability for these random acts. One way to limit your liability and get a reduction in the amount of insurance you pay is to install security cameras. Not only do you want to have security cameras in place to catch the occasional bar fight, but you also want cameras in place to limit your liability from a fall due to ice, a disagreement with an employee, rain or snow damage, or any other weather related issue.

4. Prevent Violence
Most bars have a bouncer who watches over the area to verify no fights or other disputes are occurring. Occasionally, there may be one or more incidents that happen at the same time, and the bouncer cannot be in both areas of the bar. If a brawl became violent, there might be unhappy customers that are looking at litigation involving your place of business.

To keep yourself safe, it is critical to have security camera systems set up to record all fights, brawls, or other disputes that occur at your business. This video will prove who was at fault and can frequently get you off the hook.

As you can see, owning a business, especially a bar or a restaurant, can be demanding. One way to become proactive and prevent incidents from occurring is to have security camera systems installed. By following our advice on the four advantages of restaurant and bar security cameras, you will be less stressed, more relaxed, and have a wealth of video proof if you should ever need it!

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