Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tips for Buying the Best Night Vision Cameras

Many times, a home or business is broken into under the cover of darkness. To record these incidents, you are going to need night vision cameras around your property. The night vision cameras you pick will affect how effective the cameras will be once you install them. When you are buying night visions cameras, there are some pitfalls that you can encounter. To avoid these pitfalls, here are some tips to buying the right night vision cameras for your property. 

1. Get an Infrared Camera that has an IR that is Strong Enough

IR is a very important number to compare in night vision cameras. However, this can be hard to get right. All IR will be quoted a maximum range. For most night vision cameras, the range will fall into 5m to 100m (15-300 Feet). You should remember that this is the maximum range, and at this range, the quality of the image will not be great. The best option is to buy an infrared camera that has a longer range.

2. Do Not Go With an IR that Is Too Powerful

While having extra IR range is recommended when buying night vision cameras, you can buy one that is too powerful. Having an IR camera that is too powerful will cause bad image quality. The reason is night vision cameras cannot adjust the IR brightness. This extra brightness will cause the image to be overly bright and washed out.

3. Know Where You are Mounting The Night Vision Cameras

When you are considering the power of your night vision cameras, you need to keep in mind when, and how high you are mounting each infrared camera. The height that you are mounting it at will affect the distance from the item you are watching. So adding extra range to the cameras you buy will ensure that the cameras will have sight of your property.

4. IR Needs an Item to Reflect Light Off 
Night vision cameras need to reflect light off of something, or they will not work. There are many night vision cameras that are pointed at empty fields, which mean that the image shows nothing but darkness. This darkness is not based on that fact the IR is not working, as subjects will be visible when they are in the range of the camera. Adding some lights or items to reflect light off of will make the darkness in the image less, and make the night vision cameras work like they are meant to. 

5. Many night vision cameras also feature Smart IR (smart infrared). This adjusts the infrared 

light emitted by the camera as the subject moves closer to or further away allowing the camera to 

deliver a clear image that isn’t washed out at close range and is not too dark at longer distances.

There are many great options for night visions cameras.  So this can make finding the best option for you a challenge. Knowing what you are looking for, and planning ahead can help you find a great option quickly.

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