Saturday, December 10, 2016

What to Do When an Intruder Enters Your Home

A break-in or burglary can be very scary for all those involved, especially if y
ou do not have security
camera systems installed. When an intruder forcibly enters your home without bein
g invited, you feel
insecure and vulnerable in the one place that you should feel the safest. T
his short guide will inform you
on what to do if an intruder enters your home.
1. Call for Help
The first thing you should do if you have an uninvited intruder in
your home is to call for help. If you
have security cameras installed in your home, your alarm company will be
calling to confirm that a
situation is occurring at your residence
The other action you need to take immediately is call 911 to
alert the police of your situation. Make sure to keep your cell phone on
your person and in silent mode
to not give up your position to the prowler.
2. Be Silent & Rational
One of the most important pieces of advice, while you are waiting for hel
p to arrive, is to stay calm,
rational, and quiet. You do not want to give up your location
to the intruder as you do not know how
many individuals are present or if they have any weapons. If security c
ameras are in place, the intruder
may see them and be hiding from you
Make sure everyone is quiet and keeps calm until the police have
arrived, entered, and given the all clear.
3. Gather Your Family & Pets
If you can do so safely, check on and gather all your family members i
nto one centralized location in the
home, including your pets. This is the best scenario as you can ke
ep track of everyone
s whereabouts. If
you have security camera systems installed in your home, there is a chance yo
u can see the location of
the intruder and plan accordingly.
4. Check the Camera Feed
If you are positive that an intruder is in your home, you need to
view the video feed to see what room
the intruder is in and how many of them are present. The more informatio
n you have, the better. If you
have security cameras in the house and they are currently active, try and make
it to that room to review
the video feed. With most systems, you can also pull up the cameras on
your smart phone or mobile
Do Not Engage the Intruder Unless Necessary
Under no circumstances should you try to engage the intruder
Even though it feels like a lifetime, wait
for help to arrive. If you do not have security camera systems installed
in your home, you can still be on
the line with the 911 dispatcher who can give you the police ti
meline as well as keep you calm. The only
time that confrontation would be needed is if the intruder happens to
find your hiding spot and is going
to assault or harm you. At this point, you need to defend yours
elf and your family with whatever means
you can.
The introduction of an intruder can be a frightening and traumatic ev
ent that makes you feel unsafe and
vulnerable. If you follow our advice on what to do if an intruder enters
your home, you and your loved
ones will make it out of the situation a little shook up but safe!

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